I’m the owner of Lalezer company and I work in the field of office suppliers and stationery since 1996. I met lucky in 2008. I liked him as a person and I have decided to give up my old company and started working with Lucky’s company. seriousness, fairness and involvement. I was very satisfied, all I needed I found in his company. Lidia is an exceptional person, very smart and helpful. She is one of the best people I have met. I was very satisfied and I hope we will continue the good cooperation. Happy Birthday BINA company 10 YEARS !



I’m a importer for advertising material from Romania, 80% product from Yiwu market and 20% goods from Factory Start business with Bina Group Mr Lucky from Oct.2013,but I met first time with lucky in 2007 when I was a student, but only some minute when he first time come to Romania, he is good friend with my father. Until 2011 when I go to Yiwu for first trip with my some friend, then I know him very well, help us all the time whenever we need it. Then I knew I want start business import from China. The first person who I Met in Lucky’s company is Eason, that time I don’t start my business yet. That time both us are very shy. I feel like we grew up together, he was evolved, he is very resourceful. Regarding my business, the first person from Lucky’s company who I worked with was Cany. We got along very well from the first time we met, It was like telepathy between us she knew what I was thinking without saying a words. More than that she helped me develop my business , she advised me.We learned from both a lot. She is a extraordinary person and I’m very glad I’ve met her.I was very lucky that she was the first person to work with and since then she was the only person I’ve worked and hopefully we still work together. Cany as well as Eason ,Became o smart and strong person and I think of her as my sister. I haven’t work with any another companies and I don’t want ,That I feel they are my family is like I have been working with my own family. Lucky is like a old brother to me. Since 2013, I have doubled my income every year.This was also due to Cany, who has been like my own personal adviser, it was like a employee of my company.Each year had a significant increase and I hope that it continue to be if not as significant ,at least higher.And I trust that we will achieve this.

I recommend BINA GROUP with the utmost confidence and warmth to other customers.I hope that they will be lucky enough to meet people like them.Because without a company like that is very hard to do quality business in China